Diets Busted

First off, sorry there haven’t been posts recently. I’m sure it feels longer for me than you. I have like, three of them written in my head, but unfortunately I also have a concussion and have been banned from all screens, reading, physical activity, thinking (basically life…). So, against doctor’s orders, I’m taking a break from staring at the walls and figured I would update with something simple.

I have been wanting to share with you this article. Essentially, there is no miracle diet out there *surprise*. But what I do find interesting is that all diets will produce roughly the same weight loss results provided you stick to it. Personally, I’m not one for diets because they’re not lasting. You can’t realistically sustain an no-carb no-sugar nothing green eat-while-standing-up-and-jumping-on-one-leg kind of fad diet, and the moment you stop dieting, you are guaranteed to gain back some (a lot) of the weight you lost. I think making more conscious and lasting attempts to change your daily diet will benefit you maybe a bit less now, but significantly more in the long run. Instead of seriously limiting your food intake for a few months, I think it’s more important to set goals like “pizza only once a month” for life or something.

That being said, diets can be a useful tool to jumpstart weight loss if you are feeling particularly stuck or overwhelmed. In all honesty, I tried the Slim Fast diet plan for a while once. Which is definitely not one of the healthier diets out there, trust me. But after a month or so of only drinking a sugar-laden shake for breakfast, and a sugar-laden shake for lunch, and being over-all hangry, I did lose just enough weight to make me feel more confident to lose the rest. Except, you know, a few years later and I’m still here, weighing only 2 to 3 lbs less than I did then. So take what you will from that, I suppose.

What was the craziest diet you’ve tried?