Hi there. I just met you, and I love you. – Dug

I’m Andrea Hitchon, an editor/cube monkey determine to reclaim skinny.

My goal is to redefine my perception of fitness, redraw my concept of body image, and ultimately rediscover skinny in a healthy and natural way. I hope that my struggles and insights will help drive not only my own weight loss journey, but also yours. And your friends. And any one else out there striving to find a healthy weight and lifestyle. Because ultimately I think we all need this.

Losing weight is hard. Losing weight in a world of fashion fitness magazines and fad diets and desk jobs and Starbucks is even harder. Trust me. I’ve tried. But after waking up and realizing that my wardrobe ranges from size 8 to size 14, and that my fat pants have fat pants (and really, let’s be honest, when was the last time I managed to squeeze myself into those size 8 jeans?), I have decided that this has gone on to far. So, for the first time in much longer than I would care to admit, I need to really try. A balls-to-the-wall no excuses sort of try. And this is where you come in.

I need you to help keep me on track, to follow my exploits and hold me accountable. In return, I hope that my blog helps motivate you, and helps steer you in the right direction as we take on this weight loss journey together.





Here are some of my basic stats to help put things into perspective.

Age: 24 (November 24, 1989)

Height: 5’10” (and 1/2 thank you very much!)

Build/Frame: Solid/Average

(My shirt size ranges from M to L, pants have been in and around 11 to 13.)

Metabolism: Easy-on, friends for life

(Honestly, I feel like I gain weight just looking at ice cream, and then that weight gets all nice and comfortable and moves in and invites friends and buys that 5 year house and, well, you get the idea…)

Starting Fitness Level: Novice Reborn

(I have done my fair share of time at the gym in the past. I have successfully run a 5k (once upon a time). But it’s been MONTHS since I’ve really been to the gym. Or worked out. Or, you know, tried to do something serious about my weight aside from inwardly get bummed out about it. So, I’m pretty much back to square one. And 1/2.)

Time Commitment: Working towards 5hrs/wk

(This one is mega important to me. Most weight-loss pages out there will have you working out 2hrs a day, 7 days a week. I am not that person. I have a life. And a job. And a husband. And a DS. And a princess named Zelda to save. Again. And Again. Oh, and like 20 billion novels I want to read. However, this is all about finding my inner skinny, so I obviously need to stick to some sort of time commitment. As per the Canadian government, adults should accumulate a minimum of 2 and 1/2 hours of moderate to vigorous activity each week. Since I’m out to lose weight, I figured I would double that number, and go from there. Although, I’m not expecting to just bounce in at a 5hrs/wk commitment, so I’ll be taking baby steps to hopefully work my way up to that point.)

Activity Lifestyle: LAZY

(I am most happy at rest. I mean, sure I enjoy a nice long walk with my Mr. Man, or prowling the malls for a cute top, but in general you are most likely to find me curled up on the couch playing video games or reading my book.)



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