Hello all.  Here is my walk of shame.  It has been over a year since I have last posted here, and about as long since I have last been to a gym.  As per my hubby, I have fallen off the bandwagon and have been run over the next few going by. I am also even MORE overweight than before, coming in  over the dread 200lb mark. I have therefore made the leap to get help. Real help. From, like, professionals.  Eg. The Personal Trainer. *dundunduuuunnnn*

If you are still interested in following my weight loss story, or if you even remember this blog at all, I have revamped over at http://www.personallyfitblog.wordpress.com where you can follow the (mis)adventures of hiring a personal trainer.  Once my training sessions are over I plan to reclaim skinny (and this blog) as I continue to find my inner svelte hot bod. (Ppsstt if you check out my other blog that last bit will be even funnier, I promise. Well, maybe not promise because no one laughs at my jokes as hard as I do and you may not even find me funny but hey, who knows…)

Catch you on the flip side.




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