Reclaiming Skinny (def’n)

  1. To reclaim a previous state of skinny. To achieve weight loss through healthy eating habits, fitness habits, and lifestyle choices. To shed the office 30 and find general wellness.
  2. To redefine skinny. To recognize that skinny should not be considered a universal term. To find a personal meaning behind skinny and what it entails, including a healthy body weight and body image independent of unrealistic social expectations. To break free of fashion fitness.
  3. A blog that outlines a realistic approach to losing weight and offers firsthand accounts of the blogger’s personal weight-loss journey. A blog that motivates and challenges both the blogger and the readers to take on healthier lifestyles and reclaim their own skinny. A positive support group that explores the reality of losing weight in a world of social media, fad diets and fitness programs, negative body image, unrealistic expected time commitments, office jobs and Starbucks.



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